Glass pool fences make available the durability, clean design, and high visibility to give that open invitation feel around your pool at any time of the year. The two major designs are frameless and semi-frameless.

Frameless glass pool fences permit total and unobstructed viewing regardless of the angle and position you are in. This means total visibility for children, those lacking confidence near the edge of the pool, and ensures no unfortunate accidents when there is plenty of play.

Add to this the clean design and durability, and a frameless glass pool fence offers you the same characteristics to permit the unique style and feel of your home to remain unobstructed and inclusive of your pool area.

Semi frameless glass pool fences offer the same security and safety benefits, and also consist of high quality aluminium tubing acting as the framework holding the glass panels. Our wide range of powder coating colours can also be applied to the aluminium framework or left bright and clean to suit your own personal preference.

All of our glass pool fences are manufactured on site at our purpose built, state-of-the-art factory using only Australian made products and components. This avoids the introduction of inferior quality products, and makes certain you are guaranteed the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and glass pool fence for your recreational enjoyment.

Built to legislative compliance means every pool fence code is adhered to for safety and security, without any compromise on the look, feel and durability of your glass pool fence. Our glass pool fences can also be given an ‘easy clean’ coating to minimise any need for cleaning that you will barely notice.

Contact us at North Brisbane Pool Fencing for an obligation free quote and discover how soon you can begin to enjoy your own glass pool fence.