The topic of pool fencing compliance is at the heart of providing the service we’re renowned for across Brisbane. Because compliance is primarily about maintaining the safety of children and adherence for everyone’s safety benefit, pool fence compliance is a matter we are naturally stringent with, and carry the required accreditations for.

From the 10th November 2014, there is now one pool safety standard, the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 3.4, that replaces 11 different pool safety standards. The QBCC is the leading statutory authority administering the compliance to legislated regulations within the pool fence industry. We are QBCC certified for all pool fence production and installations – QBCC Licence # 72033-72034.

Our design, production and installation of pool fences also strictly adhere to the requirements of meeting the issuing criteria of any pool safety certificate if your home will be sold or leased. This means you can have peace of mind when buying your pool fence from us, knowing we meet all these requirements and help you to avoid any unnecessary delay or loss.

We also adhere to the pool safety laws compliance to meet the certified inspection requirements for any new pool constructed on an existing property. This ensures ‘compliant permanent barriers’ are properly installed as per the compliance requirements, and assists in the smooth issuing of an approved certification of our pool fence by the building certifier who approved the application to build your new pool.

We have included a ‘checklist brief’ with the main areas headlined to consider your compliance requirements with any pool fence you are planning to install.

  • Pool is registered with the Pool Safety Council
  • Pool fence criteria is satisfied
  • Pool gate criteria is satisfied
  • Building a new pool criteria is satisfied
  • All windows satisfy compliance criteria
  • All doors satisfy compliance criteria

A detailed checklist can be downloaded from the QBCC site at this link here. This will provide you with a comprehensive compliance checklist to ensure the pool fence meets safety legislation at all times.