North Brisbane Pool Fencing offers an extensive variety of products in pool fencing to assist you with the design and solution of your choice with almost any outdoor (or indoor) pool fence requirement.

We work with the private and commercial requirements in both the private and public sector from the inception to the final completion of any pool fence project, contract or plan with the experience of being leaders within our industry.

We understand the varied needs of the market and are able to source our materials from a wide range of reliable suppliers and manufacture on site with our purpose built, state-of-the-art factory. This means we can deliver with certainty and confidence on any pool fence request we receive.

Our style and range of pool fences is extensive and includes our finished services from selection to installation, and makes provision also for the DIY option using our factory services onsite.

Our advisory service consists of offering extensive legislative compliance experience, construction and design experience, and project management experience for even the most complex pool fence requirements.

We take the time to ensure every part of the pool fence request is completed to our exact production and client service standards, and ensure an enjoyable, and informed experience you can put certainty and trust in every step of the way.

Building pool fences across a vast range of the Brisbane and outer metro areas has given us an appreciation for the different styles and variation of the aesthetic requirements for each pool fence we have designed, produced and installed.

By developing this experience into the service we now provide, you can relax knowing you have a specialist company working with an understanding of your own personal preferences in your pool fence design requirements from several decades of experience.